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References to Bethel Church, 1916-1931

April 19, 1916 At about 8 o’clock tonight one of the severest wind storms passed this section of the country that the residents of this community had ever witnessed. It traveled from south-west to north-east, passing over Mr. Peter Raber, Rose Hays, Till Hays, Sim Hofstetter, Mattie Hofstetter, Charley Bayne, and many others farther on. The width of the path was probably about one mile wide. Bethel Church was slightly touched. It broke several window lights. Barns & outbuildings were torn to pieces, even cement foundations were blown away. Windmills were blown down in great numbers.
May 31, 1916 Uncle John & Anna (Loganbill) left for Kansas to attend the graduation exercises at Bethel College — Jesse will graduate in the College course.
June 4, 1916 Melva was baptized today by Rev. D.D. King. (daughter)
July -1916 Melva is going to German school at Bethel. She drives Mark to the buggy.
December 24, 1916 Homer Loganbill Mary Elliott got married. They were married at Elliotts about 1 o’clock P.M. We all attended their wedding, first we attended SS& Church at Bethel.
December 25, 1916 At night they had a singing at Uncle John’s (J. P. Loganbill). The house was packed full.
Sunday April 22, 1917 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Bethel Church.

There was an appropriate program rendered & a great number of people were present, the house was filled to its utmost capacity & many were outside.

In April 1917 the U.S. declared war on Germany.

The German Empire sunk several ships that had Americans on board, causing citizens of the U.S. to lose their lives. The U.S. contended that the U boat warfare on neutral ships was against international law.

June 5, 1917 was the date where all male citizens in the U.S. had to register at their several voting precincts. From these names it is aimed to draft 500,000 men for military service. The Mennonites & Quakers presented petitions to be exempted from this service. Nevertheless they were compelled to register, but it is still hoped that they will be exempted from actual military service.
September 21, 1917 Today Ernest Hofstetter had to leave to go to the Army camp. He was the first of our boys that had to leave.
December 9, 1917 As this was Sunday, I went to Bethel. It was the first Sunday that the new Furnace was in. (10 below 0 8th) There were just a few there. We had no SS nor preaching.
April 6, 1918 The third Liberty Loan was launched which is supposed to raise three billion. I was appointed to help canvas our school district. I bought $150. worth. I gave one $50 bond to Bluffton College.
June 28, 1918 Today a special effort was made to sell war saving stamps. The quota for our school district was $3,690. & it was oversubscribed by five dollars. I bought $160 worth. August 26 I bought $40. more.
August 13, 1918 Had some rain & quite a thunderstorm. Lightning struck Alp Gists barn, it burned down with all of its contents.
August 4, 1918 J. F. Moyer arrived to conduct a series of meetings. He stayed with us for two weeks. The last evening he preached, 30 young people came forth to confess Christ. Seventeen of them were baptized the following Sunday. The others chose to take catechetical instructions for awhile before baptism. The names of the ones first baptized were as follows: Wade Baumgartner, Harvey Hofstetter, Dan Garber Jr. Luther Lehman, Oliver Baumgartner, Oscar Loganbill, Ora Hofstetter, Will Hofstetter, Palmer Lehman, Soy Gerber, Gideon Hofstetter, Will Garber Jr., Annie Hofstetter, Nettie Loganbill, Violetta King, Earl Aeschbacher, and Roy Hofstetter.
October 20, 1918 No meetings at Bethel on account of Spanish Influenza.
November 11, 1918 Today Peace was declared among the warring nations, as Germany & its allies accepted the Armistice offered by U.S. & its allies.
February 1919 After the Great war ended, everything was high in price, and while the war was in progress, many things could be bought in limited quantities. For instance, sugar two lbs per member per month was allowed. Wheat flour too was very limited and substitutions had to be used with it, such as corn meal.
March 2, 1919 This Sunday they attempted a birthday surprise for me. I partly suspected it but did not know. Some thirty brothers, sisters, nephews, & aunts were here. They brought some dinner with them. A good meal was served. Enjoyed the day very much.
March 16, 1919 Today the following candidates were baptized by Rev. D.D. King: Silas Hofstetter, Sylvan Hofstetter, Lester

Hofstetter, Roy Baumgartner, Neal Baumgartner, Ivan Lehman, Ira Hofstetter, Ella Bucher, Annie Bucher, Sarah Garber, Lavera Lehman, & Katherine Hofstetter. These young people had made a confession while Rev. J. F. Moyer was here last August, but waited for baptism to take catechetical instruction.

March 25, 1919 D.D. Kings had their Public sale this afternoon. It was rainy.
March 31, 1919 Helped D.D. King move his household goods & farming machinery to Fortuna in a car with which he goes then to Ohio.
August 2, 1919 Today P.P. Hilty & family arrived. His car of household goods arrived yesterday. Walter Collar accompanied the car. Daniel Smiston & family, a brother-in-law to Hilty accompanied them. Both families came thru on Ford automobiles.
March 25, 1920 A great windstorm passed over this country, blowing over barns & sheds, unroofing houses, uprooting trees, blowing down windmills, etc. And it was not only over a small strip of country but seemingly a strong straight wind over a large territory (from the south). Our windmill was blown over, the west barn door tore off and broke to pieces, the west shed door was also torn off & broke, Part of the shop unroofed, smoke house put off of the foundation, the west granary shed roof tore off, & up­rooted fruit trees, & scattered things in general.
March 28, 1920 This Sunday it was so windy again that we could not attend SS & church.
April 1, 1920 All California scholars had to be vaccinated on account of some cases of small pox., Melva (daughter) too was vaccinated, & her arm got very sore afterwards, so much so that she got considerable fever. She was home for two weeks.
April 4, 1920 This being Easter Sunday we had planned to take communion at the Church, but could not go as we had an all day snow storm.
August 15, 1920 Ira L. Gerber & Miss Bertha A. Moser were married at the brides home at six o’clock, Sunday evening, August

15, 1920. Rev. P.P. Hilty of Bethel Church officiating. Miss Nettie Loganbill played the wedding march & Edna Loganbill sang “True Until Death” A wedding dinner was served to the bridal party & a few invited guests. Monday they left on a wedding tour to Colorado Springs and other places of interest in the mountains. Both are well known young people of the Bethel neighborhood and poplar & wide awake young people. The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.J. Moser & is a graduate of California High School. (newspaper write-up)

January 10, 1921 Governor Hyde in his inaugural address made the following statement: “For us all, too, the fulfillment of our

duties will probably mean grueling work & personal sacrifice. None of us shrink for that reason from the work. He has never served who does not know that service means sacrifice. We are after all but instruments —instruments to be dulled or broken in the service.”

February 16, 1921 Today & yesterday I worked at the Church. We were concreting the cellar floor. Frank Ratzlaff helped today.
March 3, 1921 W.H. Lehmans & son Elbert, Mr. & Mrs. Dan Garber are wintering in the state of California. They have not yet returned but expect to be home in the near future. As far as cold weather is concerned they did not evade very much, as we had a very mild winter.
March 4, 1921 At the passing out of office of President Wilson the Twice a week Globe Democrat in its Editorials give Wilson the following comment: “Whether we like it or not, whether we like him or not, the name of Woodrow Wilson will fill a large place in the records & in the thought of the future & the great thing he tried to achieve will yet be accomplished or the world will perish.”
March 6, 1921 We had a fine rain today which was needed, it was getting dry for this time of year. Did not attend SS & Church on account of the rain & also on account of Mamma being sick.
March 27, 1921 Easter Sunday-We are having rain & a snow storm this afternoon.
June 27, 1921 Rain, Rain! Had possibly the greatest water fall that I have witnessed since I am in Mo. It was said by some that in 1891 the streams yet some higher. Most of the streams that were bridged, the water ran over the bridge. My water gates were all tore out. The stream north of our house was nearly 20 rods wide. The crops along the streams were mostly swept away.
July 4, 1921 Today we observed Childrens Day & also tried to celebrate the 4th but just as soon as we gathered with the dinner, a big rain & wind scattered the people. We had the program at the Church, & then we went to Sim Lehman’s timber for dinner & other recreations.
September 2, 1921 From August 28 to September 1, The middle District Conference convened here. The churches of the district were all represented & have felt that we had a profitable time. Rev. P.R. Schroeder of Berne, Indiana presided at the Conference & Grover Soldner of Summerfield, Illinois, at the Convention and Ella Garber at the Sewing Society. Professor Hartzler gave interesting & instructive lectures on Paul & the Law. J. W. Kliewer spoke in the interest of Missions. As he had just returned from a trip to China & India. The weather was a little warm, but favorable because we had no rain while Conference was going on. It had rained a few days before conference & again immediately after it was over.
January 22, 1922 Today we are having real winter with the ground covered with snow which fell the 20th. Mamma & Harold did not attend SS today as Harold has a swollen cheek on account of tooth ache.
May 4, 1922 We planted some hard maple trees around the Church.
July 24, 1922 Tonight the Bluffton Glee Club sang at our Church. The Church was just as full as it could be & some were outside. The concert was generally appreciated and $97.00 were raised counting in the subscriptions that were solicited in advance.
October 15, 1922 Today Rev. P.R. Schroeder of Berne, Indiana commenced his series of meetings here in Bethel. He did not preach so much to win new members, as to strengthen those members that already belonged to Church. He held up before them a standard to show what we should be, to be true Christians. He preached till October 24.
March 11, 1923 This was a real rainy day. It started to rain this morning so we did not go to SS. And it continued to rain all day, this afternoon quite fast.
March 12, 1923 We were at P.P. Hilty’s today. He is lame with a bruised leg as a result of falling off of a wagon & getting under a wheel. He would have hardly been able to preach yesterday, but it happened to rain all day so nobody came.
March 18, 1923 Today Missionary P. A. Penner from Champa, India is here and will continue to be here till Tuesday. We started to Bethel this morning while the weather was getting colder and before services were over we had snow flurries and cold that the cars froze. Tonight we did not go to the services as it was only 6 above 0 with a high wind.
March 20, 1923 Took Missionary P.A. Penner to the depot in Tipton today.
July 18, 1923 Harley King with four more stopped here on their tour to California & gave us a concert at Bethel.
August 22, 1923 Today Melva started to Donnelson, Iowa to Middle District Conference. About 10 left from here to Conference. We were supposed to be at Tipton at 6:10 but then the train was over an hour late.
October 25, 1923 This morning at about 3 O’clock Aunt Mattie Hofstetter’s barn burned. It was a beautiful night, no lightning. It caught in a mysterious way. They did not see the fire until it was just ready to fall together. A mare & colt & five calves were in it & burned to death.
October 26, 1923 Today Ed Aeschbacher had his sale. It rained in the morning so people were late to go to the sale. Ed’s aim to go to the state of California next week.
March 9, 1924 A big snow fell last night. This Sunday we did not go to Church as it was still snowing & blowing this morning, but it is not so very cold, about 20 above 0.
March 30, 1924 This Sunday we did not go to SS (except Harold) as I Papa am sick in bed with the flu.
November 26, 1924 Was taking Dr. S. K. Mosiman around in his campaign to collect for the Bluffton College. This was the second day I am taking him.
November 27, 1924 On this Thanksgiving day we were at Church in the morning & at Uncle Johns for dinner. The weather is still nice & dry but a little cold.
December 25, 1924 Zero weather this Christmas morning. Yesterday we were at the school program, some of the cars froze so they had to thaw them out before they could start. Christmas eve we were at Bethel. The program consisted of some exercises & songs by the children. After that a pageant was given representing the birth of Christ. About 25 or 30 young people took part. We still have the heavy coat of ice on everything. Cars run like a top.
December 28, 1924 Cold! The thermometer registered 12 below 0 this morning.
May 31, 1925 Missionary J. P. Boehs wife & 3 children were at our Church this Sunday telling us of his work in China.
June 14, 1925 This Sunday night the children gave their program after the close of one month of Bible School. Harold was present every day. (9) School hours were from 8:30 to 11 A.M. Rev. Hilty taught the higher grades, Sarah Aeschbacher the lower grades & Mrs. Hilty helped with the smallest ones.
June 28, 1925 Today at 4 O’clock Melva & Alvin were married. Rev. P.P. Hilty performed the ceremony. Melva invited all of her Uncles & Aunts on Mammas side, & Alvin’s brothers & sisters with their families were present. There were some 60 people here. We served ice cream, cake, & lemonade. We had a singing the next night, June 29.
July 19, 1925 Today Dr. Ella Garber Baumman was ordained as a medical Missionary to be sent to India. J. W. Kliever officiated. In the afternoon Dr. Harvey Baumman gave a talk on medical missions.
December 12, 1925 Elam Hilty & wife Ruby arrived at Tipton this morning early. Went & got them home. They stayed with us for dinner. Then we visited at Rev. P.P. Hilty’s & Uncle John’s. They left again tonight.
February 28, 1926 W.W. Miller, Pastor of the Pulaski Church at Iowa, was here from the 21st to 28th giving a series of meetings. He proclaimed the Word of God very forcibly & we feel we were made a bit stronger & better by the grace of God. There were three confessions to accept Christ, namely Gilbert Garber, Hiram Hilty, & Melva Lehman.
March 27, 1926 The Bethel College Mens Chorus arrived at Tipton at noon today & sang at the Methodist Church in Fortuna in the afternoon & at Bethel Church in the night.

At Fortuna they gave a secular program & at Bethel a sacred one. We attended both programs. The people in general were well pleased with the programs. We agreed to get $70.00 for them. But the collections at both places amounted to $75.80 which they received.

May 7, 1926 Helped to move P.P. Hilty’s on their farm that they bought.
August 1, 1926 Rev. Warkentin commenced his work here.
June 2, 1926 Frank Driver died today near Ottawa, Kansas. He was staying at Millie’s at the time. He died suddenly. He was brought here to Mt. Zion to be buried. The children were all here. Rev. Miller of Cass County preached the funeral sermon.
November 1, 1926 S.M. Hofstetter & D.W. Baumgartner were here today.
November 25, 1926 This is Thanksgiving Day. Mamma & I went to Church. Harold had to stay at home on account of his whooping Cough.
April 10, 1927 Another big rain & hail this morning. The hail were quite large & the wind was strong. It broke a few window lights for us. We had much rain this last week.
April 21, 1927 This evening three schools gave their Commencement exercises at Bethel Church. There were 12 graduates. It was a very appropriate program.
April 27, 1927 The Bethel College Glee Club came today & sang at Fortuna at 3 o’clock & at Bethel at 8 o’clock. There 20 in number. We had good weather, good roads, and a big crowd in Church.
June 2, 1927 We have had very much wet weather during April & May & beginning with June. The Mississippi River was higher than it has ever known to be. Thousands of acres of land are inundated. Hundreds & thousands of people are homeless in the flood districts of the river. Some dykes were broken by the water & some were intentionally blasted on the reverse side of the river to save the city of New Orleans. The Red Cross received 15 million dollars up to now to relieve the sufferers & are asking for 2 million more.
June 5, 1927 Today W. H. Lehmans & we all (Mamma, Harold & I) went to Garden City, Cass County. We started from Lehman’s at 5 o’clock A.M. & arrived at Garden City at 9:30. We attended SS & Church at their Church (Bethel) and ate dinner with Daves. Mr. & Mrs. Newenschwander are looking quite well considering their age. We arrived back to Lehmans at about 11:00 P.M. the same day. Would have been earlier, but were detained by two tire punctures.
August 7, 1927 Dr. Hartzler came to give us a series of lectures.
August 23, 1927 Today Edna Ruth Loganbill & Arnold Funk got married. The marriage ceremony was performed at the Bethel Church. John Epp officiated. Mary Epp sang a solo and Eva Loganbill also sang a solo. Mamma & myself were invited to the infare at the brides home which we attended.
September 18, 1927 Miss Loretta Lehman, a returned missionary from India was in our midst today, telling of her work in India. In a way the work is a difficult undertaking & fraught with dangers, yet she spoke how God wonderfully protected them & blessed them as well as in the homeland & gave success to their work. The same day Harley King & his wife were with us giving us a sermon in the evening. They are enroute to Arizona where in a large area the gospel is not proclaimed & they are going as home missionary workers.
September 29, 1927 Missionary W. C. Voth & wife entertained us one evening telling us of their work in China. He spoke of the present unrest there & some of their causes. In spite of the fact that the missionaries had to leave their stations, he has great hopes for China.
November 10, 1927 Mamma went to Alvin’s. James Melvin (Elliott) was born. Salome came to our house to do the house work while Mamma was gone.
November 13, 1927 Today we had baptism services in our Church. The following persons were baptized:< Paul Hilty, Wilbert Lehman, Herbert Aeschbacher, Herman Lehman, Wilbert Hofstetter, Tillman Lehman, Harold Moser,

Eldon Lehman, Ruth Lehman & Mildred Lehman. Rev. J. D. Warkentin officiated.

January 1, 1928 Cold! Cold! Yesterday & today we are having real winter weather. Friday started in with snow & colder. Yesterday, Saturday, the thermometer showed 6 degrees below zero. This morning it registered 13 below zero. This being Sunday we did not attend SS or Church.
March 23, 1928 Were at the funeral at Mt. Zion. Oliver Driver’s baby, Leonard Alvin was buried. The child was burned to death. The incubator light was the cause.
July 15, 1928 Rev. & Mrs. Lincheid, missionaries to the Cheyenne Indians were with us Saturday evening & Sunday telling us of their work among the Indians. Elizabeth Hilty, sister to P.P. is also here on a visit.
August 19, 1928 Mr. & Mrs. S. T. Moyer, missionaries were here today.
September 19, 1928 Mrs. Oliver Driver was buried today. Mamma went to the funeral with Uncle John’s.
December 19, 1928 The Bluffton Glee Club was here tonight. It consisted of 32 young men. Virgil Moser & Carey Steiner stayed with us for the night. The next morning by seven O’clock I had to have them in Fortuna. They all came in a Bus.
December 25, 1928 This Christmas day we were all at home the entire day. Harold was in bed all day on account of a bad cold or possibly a little Gripp. There is so much sickness at present, colds & flu and some pneumonia. Uncle Dave Neuenschwander died December 18 from the effects of flu & pneumonia. Aunt Beccie & Salome went to the funeral & now Salome is sick up at Dave’s in Garden City. I, myself did not feel good today & none of the children & grandchildren came home so we had a rather quiet Christmas, but the day was ideally beautiful. Last night we had a program at the Church. The program was carried out quite nicely in spite of some being unable to come that had practiced. Harold (12) was sick & could not take his part in the pageant.
January 6, 1929 This is the first Sunday in the new year & we had no services at Bethel on account of snow drifts. It was cold but a beautiful morning with sunshine. Yesterday morning it started with rain, then turned to snow with a strong wind which made it very disagreeable & drifted the road that some people got stuck in the snow with their cars.
April 7, 1929 It rained when we came home from Church. In the afternoon we went to Uncle John’s. Homers were there too. Then word came over the telephone that John Neuenschwander brought Salome Loganbill to Will Lehmans from Cass County. She is still not quite well yet.
June 1, 1929 William Clyde Rhea, Evangelist from the Chicago Mission was here from the 11th until the 23rd giving a series of Evangelistic meetings. He pled very strong to come forward to the alter to confess Christ or Church members to repent of their sins & renew their standing. Quite a good many went forward. The following are the names: Alpha Lehman, Ruth Lehman, Keiffer Lehman & wife, Elmer Garber, Daniel Garber Jr., Roland Lehman, Carl Hilty, Melva Lehman, Nadine Lehman, Warren Lehman, Melva Elliott, Winifred Hilty, Mary Hofstetter, Orrie Lehman, Paul Hilty, Hiram Hilty, Wilbert Lehman, Mrs. John Lehman, Mrs. Will Garber, Carl Lehman & wife, Mildred Lehman, Daniel Jacob & J. W. Kauffman, Rufus Hofstetter, & Gilbert, David Garber & Calvin Hilty.
December 19, 1929 Tonight the Latham School building burned with most of its contents. They got part of the library books out. But Teachers & Scholars lost most of their books. Lowell George is Superintendent. Hess & Miss Powell, assistant teachers. The school house was insured for $3000. Harold has been attending this High School this year. He is riding the Hilty pony down every day & keeps it in Grace Hills barn. Harold lost most of his books & fountain pen.
April 18, 1930 This being Good Friday, we had Church services. Rev. Warkentin baptized eight candidates. Four boys and four girls & Mrs. Elbert Lehman (Mabel) was received in Church by the right hand of fellowship. The names of the ones baptized follow: Susanna & Lois Aeschbacher, wilma Lee & Gilbert Hofstetter, Calvin Hilty, Albert Loganbill, Roland Lehman, & Clara Lehman.
August 6, 1930 We & Alvin Elliot’s made a trip to the Dam site today. The Dam is under construction at the present. Many people are employed & much machinery is in use. Stone & Webster are the contractors. The area of the reservoir at normal pond level is 55,000 Acres. The length of the reservoir is 130 miles of present river (Osage river) The length of the shore line at normal pond level is 1000 miles.
December 14, 1930 As I came home from Church & was going to go to the house, I wrenched my knee which hurt it considerable. I am going on crutches this evening.
January 29, 1931 Roland Lehman is beginning to be out & around. He is just convalescing from a serious case of pneumonia. He took sick before Thanksgiving. (3 mo.)
March 8, 1931 There were no Church services today as we have much snow & large drifts. The road is blockaded.
August 25, 1931 Today we had a crew to help us gravel the road south of us. We put on two teams & the following each one: Orin Moser, Elvin Lehman, Charley Fulks, Allen Lehman, Lester Hofstetter, J.P. Loganbill, Will Loganbill, Milo Hofstetter, & Virgil Moser were shovelers. Harold & I had hauled 23 loads before already.
November 8, 1931 P. A. Penner, missionary to India is here. He gave us a good sermon this morning, then three more addresses about the lepers, & mission activities in general. Tuesday night he spoke about Gandhi, Sunder Sing & Kagawa.
November 18, 1931 There seems to be much complaint about the present situation. Everything that the farmer raises is cheap & what you buy comparatively high. Wheat was as low as 30 cents per bushel but has raised now to 50₵. Hogs in the home market sell at $4.50 per hundred. Corn started to sell at 30₵ per bushel, but market strengthened some. Oats at 20₵. People complain that the surplus crops are the cause for everything to be cheap & yet at the same time many people are hungry because of unemployment. Many farmers are losing their homes because of being unable to pay for them. Land sold high a few years ago & now depreciated in price until it would not bring half of what it cost. Banks are failing by the dozens & institutions like Church Schools & Churches are suffering on account of the lack of funds.
November 21, 1931 This morning the Fortuna Bank closed its doors.
November 26, 1931 This Thanksgiving Day it is snowing. The ground is covered with snow. We (Mamma & I) went to Church and heard two good Thanksgiving sermons. Rev. Hilty preached in German & Rev. Warkentin in English. On account of the inclement weather there were not very many there. The collection amounted to $30..
December 24, 1931 Tonight we attended the Christmas program at Bethel. There was quite a large audience present & a good program was rendered. There were several numbers by the little ones. Then a pageant was given telling of the birth of Christ. Hiram Hilty was the main leader of the program. Ruth Gerber & Nadene Lehman were also members of the program committee. The weather was ideal for the occasion.

Deaths mentioned 1917-1931

April 20, 1917 Adam Basinger died today, just a few days before the fiftieth anniversary since the founding of the Bethel Church. Eli, John, & Martha were here.
August 9, 1917 Lizzy Welty died quite sudden of Paralysis. Was buried August 11.
November 5, 1918 Today Vince Thixton was buried. Influenza was the first trouble, then it went into pneumonia, which caused his death. Fortuna is just full of influenza. At Christ Hofstetters six are in bed from the same trouble.
January 29, 1919 Bro. Daniel Loganbill died.
February 12, 1919 Today we received a message from Ohio that Bro. Dan Moser is dead. He died the 10th. My wife, myself, & Sister Anna (Loganbill) are getting ready to go. We got Bertha and Melva home from high school (California) to take care of things while we are gone.
March 2, 1919 B. F. Loganbill died today.
March 2 ,7, 1919 Today P.P. Lehman died.
October 27, 1919 William Thixton went after his school children at West View and drove in high water. Mr. Thixton with his three children went down the stream. Only the oldest girl was saved. Mr. Thixton & two children (a girl & a boy) lost their lives.
February 17, 1922 Today Mrs. Ben Garber (Lina Loganbill) died at the asylum at Nevada of Tuberculosis. She was brought there. Rev. P.P. Hilty preached funeral sermon.
February 20, 1922 Ed L. Lehman died of pneumonia. Dortha was sick at the time, of the same disease & died February 22. They were both buried in the same grave in the afternoon of February 22.
April 2, 1922 Today Alice Schaffter was buried. Funeral services were here at Bethel Church. Rev. Hilty officiating.
August 24, 1922 Thomas W. Lehman died as a result of Typhoid Fever. Aged 35 years, 5 months.
April 11, 1923 Myrtle Lehman died. Her age was 31 years 6 months. She was buried at Bethel. Bro. P.P. Hilty preached the funeral sermon.
December 2, 1924 Today Goldie Lehman, daughter of Dan Lehmans was buried at the Bethel Cemetery. She was aged 5 years and 10 months. Rev. P.P. Hilty spoke at the Church.
November 24, 1926 William Garber Jr. died today.
October 10, 1927 Brother Jake Loganbill died suddenly today. He was hauling wood from his timber & failed to come home. They went out to search for him. They found that he had loaded his load & was starting home when seemingly he suddenly died. The team hung the wagon on a tree and stopped. He was still on the wagon when they found him with the lines in his hands.
August 22, 1928 Today John Richard Elliott was buried. He died yesterday. He was sick only about 24 hours. Bowel trouble cholera morbus was the malady that took him so quickly. Rev. Warkentin preached the sermon on the text “We must go through much tribulation” Enter into the kingdom of God Acts 14:22. They sang No. 129 in Hymns of Praise & Jesus Loves Me This I Know. His age was two years, 23 days.
October 23, 1929 Today we received a telegram that sister Barbara Hilty died yesterday evening. A little over ten years ago she was stricken with paralysis & was an invalid ever since.
January 20, 1930 Nora (Baxter) James & also Jim Foley died today. Funeral services were the next day then. The weather was cold with lots of snow on the ground. We started with the car to the funeral & got stuck at the gate as we were trying to get out.
January 28, 1930 Jim Sam Thixton died today.
February 13, 1930 Aunt Salome Loganbill died today. She was at her sisters, Mrs. D. Neuenschwander at Garden City, Mo. Aunt Mary, Rose, & Mamma went to see her before she died & returned the 12th of February.
September 11, 1930 Today Mrs. Lou Thixton died.
February 1, 1931 Simeon P. Lehman died. He was buried February 3. Ed from Oklahoma was here & Albert from Iowa. Mr. Lehman was aged 79 years & 2 months & 3 days.
October 8, 1931 Today Mrs. D.B. Baxter was buried. We attended the funeral. We were at the house. There was quite a large attendance at the house. After which the funeral proper was at Green Grove Church. There was a large audience present.
October 22, 1921 We are graveling the road south of Uncle John’s. There were 3 wagons hauling and we hauled about 50 loads of gravel. We took the gravel from John’s branch. This same day, we received a telegram that sister Fannie Steiner died. A few weeks ago she fell & broke her hip of which she suffered very much. Besides other complications caused her death.

The Church Board

From the 1942 Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Book

Back row (left to right)—L. U. Aeschbacher, Ed. Garber, Rev. H. L. Metzker, O. E. Baumgartner. Front row—Elmer Garber, S. J. Moser, Rev. P. P. Hilty, R. C. Garber, Paul Hilty.

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