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My Call Now

My Call Now is a convenient way to organize messages from Bethel Mennonite Church. Simply download the app to your smart phone and follow the instructions found on the left sidebar at This app is especially helpful for those who receive voice messages; it will allow easy access to the voice messages so that you can listen to them again.

Challenge from Jeff Shadowen

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, Jeff Shadowen challenged us to pray for the church throughout the world. He gave us some examples of what is happening in the Church Planting Movement. He shared examples of what God is doing throughout the world. It was both exciting and humbling to see how God is at work. I had to ask myself, how committed am I to seeking to know and understand what God is doing in our world today, and how committed am I to be used in God’s service, whatever that means. Have you asked yourself the same questions?

Sermon Slide Show

It is my goal to make Sunday’s sermons available on the following Monday. They will be available in both a video format (that is, a slideshow coordinated with the audio), an audio format, and a PDF file with the slideshow notes.
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